Monday, May 8, 2017

Green Screen Photo Booth for Sporting Events

     Having a Green Screen Photo Booth for sporting events helps get fans game day ready.  Normally in conjunction with a complete pre-game party, with games, DJ, and instantly printed or emailled pictures built comradary that get fans more excited about the game.  It is fun to watch the groups go thru the booth and find their 'game on faces'.  BYU is good to send their cheer squad thru the booth and take pictures with as many fans as they can.  It is hard to tell who likes the cheer squad more,  the young kids or the older kids.  For young fans and older fans to see the Green Screen and get their friends and family to take pictures together, gives them something to remember.  After the game and the adrenalin is gone the photo is still there as a reminder of  more BYU pre-game parties to come,  more games to attend, more fun to be had.

green screen for byu ulumni spring scrimmage
Green Screen Photo for BYU ulumni spring scrimmage

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