Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daddy Daugher Dance

Green Screen Photo Booth and DJ equipment for Daddy Daughter Dance.

This was a fun night out. The ladies that put this event together had a lot of activities for the party goers.  There was a nice dinner, Green Screen Photo Booth, music and dancing, and an MC to help keep the night on time and moving forward. Marci Hardvigsen taught a lesson on how to dance the waltz, which was a ton of fun.  Dads had sketched drawings of their daughter, and vise verse, and then had to match up the pictures.  The girls sketches looked great,  the dads sketches left room for improvement.  The Green Screen photos were fun and proof of the incredible night of fun and dancing.

Fairy Tale Castle for Green Screen Photo Booth

DJ equipment and Lighting for Daddy Daughter Dance

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