Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Enclosed Photo Booth by A Day to Remember Receptions & Events
Enclosed Photo Booth at Adams Elementary
Enclosed Photo Booth at Adams Elementary

Adams Elementrary held their school carival annual fund raiser.  They had face painting, games, food, drawings, learning competitions, and a live bunny that you could pet.  I don't know if we can compete with a big white fuzzy bunny, but having an Enclosed Photo Booth from A Day to Remember Receptions & Event Rentals was a hit.  

Keeping kids busy and entertained at a school fund raiser is important to success.  The photo booth is always popular, however without enough alternate activities, the booth will get overloaded.  The PTA team that put together the activities did a fantastic job finding games to keep the attention of a ton of kids for such a long time. 

Thanks go to Hawkins Homes & Communities @ Eastridge Park for sponsoring the Enclosed Photo Booth.  Mike is always great to work with.  Thank You.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Alternative catering options by a day to remember receptions & event rentals

alternative catering option by a day to remember receptions & event rentals
Custom Ice Cream Parlour
Ice Cream Parlour

The Ice cream parlour for Braxton & Brianna at the Utah state capital Rotunda by A Day to Remember Receptions & Event Rentals was beautiful.  Brianna saw our beautiful ice cream cart and she had to have it for her wedding reception. She was right it fit beautifully at her reception.  She put the ice cream near the dance floor to be a cool refreshment for hot and weary dancers.  The party goers had ice cream on hand all night long.

The cart is mobile and can be placed virtually anywhere. We set it up before the event and take it down after.  4 flavor of ice cream can be set out at a time per cart.  The ice cream buckets can be changed out for different flavors thru the night to give some more variety.  Each bucket of ice cream has its own scoop holder to keep the ice cream separated from each other.  We utilize frozen kegs that the ice cream buckets drop down into and keep everything frozen for hours. Stylish lids are set over the ice cream buckets so that they stay cold during down time.  We handle all of the cleanup for the ice cream cart. Thanks to Wriggles catering for supplying the ice cream for the event.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Green Screen Photo Booth for Sporting Events

     Having a Green Screen Photo Booth for sporting events helps get fans game day ready.  Normally in conjunction with a complete pre-game party, with games, DJ, and instantly printed or emailled pictures built comradary that get fans more excited about the game.  It is fun to watch the groups go thru the booth and find their 'game on faces'.  BYU is good to send their cheer squad thru the booth and take pictures with as many fans as they can.  It is hard to tell who likes the cheer squad more,  the young kids or the older kids.  For young fans and older fans to see the Green Screen and get their friends and family to take pictures together, gives them something to remember.  After the game and the adrenalin is gone the photo is still there as a reminder of  more BYU pre-game parties to come,  more games to attend, more fun to be had.


green screen for byu ulumni spring scrimmage
Green Screen Photo for BYU ulumni spring scrimmage

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daddy Daugher Dance

Green Screen Photo Booth and DJ equipment for Daddy Daughter Dance.

This was a fun night out. The ladies that put this event together had a lot of activities for the party goers.  There was a nice dinner, Green Screen Photo Booth, music and dancing, and an MC to help keep the night on time and moving forward. Marci Hardvigsen taught a lesson on how to dance the waltz, which was a ton of fun.  Dads had sketched drawings of their daughter, and vise verse, and then had to match up the pictures.  The girls sketches looked great,  the dads sketches left room for improvement.  The Green Screen photos were fun and proof of the incredible night of fun and dancing.

Fairy Tale Castle for Green Screen Photo Booth

DJ equipment and Lighting for Daddy Daughter Dance

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

David & Stephanie

David & Stephanie had their wedding ceremony and reception at Chantilly Mansion in Layton, Utah.  The enclosed photo booth from A Day to Remember has such a versitile design, it can be used from classic to contemporary settings and fit in perfectly!  David and Stephanie chose to place the photo booth on the north side of the room which was a high-traffic area.  It was perfectly situated for the maximum amount of guests to see and use it; and they did!  The props were by the photo booth, and the photo book was next to a beautiful baby grand.  Many people came thru, and the attendant directed party goers to the photo book with their extra print. At the end of the night, David and Stephanie had a great collection of photos and messages that they can look back on and remember their incredible day.  Congratulations, David and Stephanie!